Full Version: CampMaxx is April 16-17th
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CampMaxx is about a month away and it's a great time to start planning if you want to go. It's a blast down there and anyone is welcome.

I believe the fee is $20 for a whole weekend of camping including electricity, water, facilities.

Oh and the big thing is we are camping about 30 feet from an RC Track!

If this sounds like fun to you, post up and I'll give you more details Big Grin
Tex, I'm in!
John, Is it ok if I ride along with you?
Not a problem. I'll have the dvd player with me to help pass time Smile.
Cool, there should be a flyer out before we know it with all the details. Newguy, you remember how to get out there? No maps, maps are cheating! J/K!
i wish i could go.
why can't you?
I remember most of the way... Just need a quick refresher on the right exits....
hehe.. well I remember the drive. 55 south.. blah blah go west when you get to stl. basically get to I70. On I70 exit at floristell.. then its left or south on T, right or west on M, left onto the dirt road at the fork. Its the first driveway on the right.. Smile

hmmm.. mabey I should break out the 7" screen and the DVD player for the drive.. Give Gabe somehting to do. Heck I could bring the xbox! lol.
well my parents arent going to let me out of the state to "camp out" for a weekend with a bunch of people they dont know.
hehe.. Yes.. I was about right.

I-70 West to exit 203 in Foristell
Go South on Hwy T for approx 5 miles
Go West on Hwy M for approx 2 miles
Turn left on hwy O at intersection (fork in road) less than .1 mile
Go South on Paul Rd (gravel road) approx .5 mile
1st driveway on the right then immediately turn left and
drive through the grass field.
I'll buy the new RCCA and read it to you. We'll be there before we know it. Smile j/k
I can't beleive I didn't think of that! Bringing and xbox sound like a good idea! I might need to get a hold of a converter so I could bring mine.
well... I have a 400 watt converter just laying around that I was going to sell on ebay. Its brand new never been used. It can either be hard wired or pluged into the lighter. I use the same one in my car for most small electronics just pluging it into the lighter works fine. $25 its yours. I bought one after my cheapo 150w one fried at the same time I had told a friend I needed one and well, she bought the same one for my birthday unexpectedly.

Here is a quick link I grabbed of the inverter.

I can have it with me monday on the pizza party day. if you like. Ohh and I still have that XTM stuff in my pit box for you too. Smile

hmmm.. with 2 xboxes at camp maxx and a couple screens we could also have a Halo 2 battle. hehe.
Cool. I'll take it! Bring the xtm stuff too. See you on monday.
cool.. see you monday.

Back on topic... Camp Maxx is a blast! Ever want to run a nitro RC at midnight on a track with music blasting? hehe well camp maxx is the time and place to do it! its a full weekend of camping (kind of cheating camping though because there is electricity), RC's, food, and fun times.
Damn, If Six brings his X-box, and I bring mine, we can have a nice 8 man game of Halo2.....
Don't forget mine Smile. 12 players! All we would need are some tv's big enough to play 4 players on.
yeah my little 7" screen won't be able to do 4 people 1 player with the xbox set to wide screen works great though. Also to do 3 or more xboxes I think we'd also need a router to connect them all together rather than just a crossover cable to conect the boxes. lol.. that would be cool though having a big ol' halo 2 battle going.

edit.. hmmm... I do have a Linksys ethernet router just sitting aorund.
Yup... The Camaro is prepped for the drive (click me)

I got to work and finally made a Bracket (pic.. I still have to paint it) for the 7" screen I've had laying around for some time now. I used some al I had laying around and It took some time to get it bent, cut, and drilled but it works great. Its perfect for passenger side viewing and if I turn it a bit can be seen by the driver and passenger too. sounds plays through the Aux input on my head unit as well. Also good part is with 3 screws I can take the mount out and you can't tell it was ever there. I'll have this setup for any long trips I have planned. STL trips, a vegas trip, and the Hot rod power tour. Only problem I have is the xbox I have now is my goofy pre-production xbox and its super pickey and weird about what games I and DVD's I drop in it.