Full Version: Makeing gas boat
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Hi I was gonna take up a challange and make a gas powered boat. I could use all the help I can get, If you have any tips or suggestions please post them. I was looking at getting a 25cc 2 stroke and wanted to go pretty cheap but wasn't sure what is a good one. Anyone know? I'm sure stihl and echo etc etc are good but was looking at a cheap homelite or weed eater. Plus I could use some resources on where to get a boat at to put this stuff in.
I've been toying with the idea also. Here are a few sites with links to other sites.
Check this site out. It's a great resource. Probably the best on the web for gasoline powered boats.
I have a brand new 1/8 scale miss budwieser hull. lmk if interested
i will post pictures
I was looking for a 42" + hull slow revo but thanks
Let me know if you find a dumas 56" for cheap or 43" aeromarine cat
I've got a Kyosho Jetstream Gp-10 sitting around. Looking to get rid of cheap!
what is cheap?
Hey Addicted, sorry its been a few, haven't been on for a while. Still looking for a v hull??? I would say like $250 for everything I got. LMK.
ooo for ur engine. John Deere engines are really nice. But if u want cheap and last, then ryobi. There really powerful and cheap.
How are you at building from a wood kit? Zippkits R/C Boats! has some nice kits that are cheap. It would cost you probably as much for the wood as it would to get the kit.
A Kyosho Jet Stream 10 is about as far away from a gas boat as you can get.
26cc Zenoahs are one of the best bangs for the buck for a new water-cooled engine made for boats. The best price right now for them is at Warehouse Hobbies, Warehouse Hobbies - Maximize Your R/C Experience! . You can use weedeater engines but the one of choice there is the Homelite in 25 or 30cc's. These can be upgraded later on with tuned pipes, water-cooled heads and bigger carbs.
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But if you still need a hull,
I have a shockwave 55inch hull from proboat. $140.00
we could of used some boats at the nats