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Hi all,

I'm thinking of doing another pizza party at Leisure. I spoke with bernie and he offered to have us back sometime in late march. When he gets back from vacation I was thinking of asking for (Mon) March 21st. Due to the sucess of the last party i wont be inviting anyone from the track this time, just Showme and Chitown r/c... so if your reading this your invited! Lemme Know if the 21st is good for ya....

Ty Matt
It's good for me!
It's been a while since I raced the Savege and haven't been at Leisure all winter but it would be nice to get back in the grove...
i'll probaly go......
Rocco, this is a blast dude. I'm tellin' ya, you won't want to miss it.
I want too go i just have to be sure that i dont have a training drill that night. Mondays are the nights that my deptartment does department wide training nights. So as long as theres no conflict ill be there burnin up some nitro!!!
Ok the 21st is good with Bernie! Hope to see everyone there...Matt
Cool, the 21st it is. I'll be there!
What's the fee???
If I remember correctly the fee was $7, the regular practice fee. Pizza was around $5 and it got ordered when everyone got there.
naw it was $10 playtime and $5 for pizza. This time it's just a one time $15 fee.
when: Monday March 21st 5-10 pm Leisure Hours Raceway
cost: 15$ includes practice and pizza
The fee this time is gonna break down to $8 for practice and $7 for the pizza (Micheals expensive but good!) Im also going to pick up a couple cases of pop and ice paper plates and napkins.