Full Version: My new Car
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[Image: 70554886_220034330_0.jpeg]
[Image: IM002436.JPG]
[Image: IM002437.JPG]
[Image: IM002438.JPG]
Looking good man!
Those are fun. Enjoy man...
Is that a 94? Looks good. Dont kill yourself!
1993 Z28 LT1, .600 lift cam, shaved heads, intake, SLP exhust...
Nice car Tony, be carefull in it.
Welcome to the Camaro Club!!!
Very cool.. its the same exact color as my old V6!! I like.
Hey, Where were those pictures taken? Last time I checked there were no palm trees in Chicago.....
He's not in Chi, he is the army at a base in cali I think
nice maro...good motor setup for a daily driver..
Oh no tony went big block!!! Confusedmash: Didn't the malibu have to much power for you to handle? Anyways it looks like a nice car, better than the T.A. anyways.
better than what TA? the black one above? boy what are you smokin' and make sure to share it next time Wink
I have really gotta quit putting up post to where I have to explain myself! He was looking at a t.a. that was being sold at a dealership by me, so he had me go and check it out. That camaro looks a lot better than it.
Has he met Sgt. Hulka yet?