Full Version: 2 stroke and 4 strokes-meh how about a 6 stroke?
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Cool idea but I can't really see it being put into production. I would like to see some horsepower numbers though. Kinda remindes you of the wankel and the renesis motors.
Tommy you crazy fool... It is not anything like the Wenkel. I would like to see a model of it or see it run though. Sound like a ver cool idea of using the heat to make steam and use it as an additional power strok as well as to keep the motor cool. Very ingenius...
come closer dan!! Confusedlap: It is like the wankel and renesis in the fact that it is a new idea!! Not that it is a rotary engine!! Confusedlap: Confusedlap:
Next time say it's a new idea then... not that it's like either of those. LoL
nice ball sack on your chin freeridejunkie

what's up with all the cartoon avatars? I thought this was an RC forum, not saturday morning cartoons......
HA !!! Family Guy isn't on Saturday mornings, Gabe!!!! What do you know????