Full Version: new 3.3 maxx for sale?
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they already have the revo 3.3 and t-maxx 3.3 for sale on ebay:eek:

I thought they werent going to be available till march 30th......hmmm
hmmmm...wonder if it's a backorder thing and you get put on a list.
probably.......or they no someone who works there and got them.
They say IN STOCK on their page so if you don't get it within the stated shipping time you can just file with paypal... That motor in a stock extended revo should make them even more raceable out of the box...
t-maxx are already out in hobby stores. Mine got 2 in today. Revo's dont come out till march 30th so if you win your just on a backorder list.
We've got 4 or 5 the the St Charles HTU and when worked there on Wed 1 or 2 at the Aurora HTU.
they have a couple at al's