Full Version: this is why you shouldnt race 3 classes at once
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well i have 2 trucks ready to buy to get ready for this racing season. Still have to find a place that has hellfire parts so I can shop for that truck. So far I got greevo and sp2 all in the shopping cart. That includes tires, spare parts, hop up parts, reciever and pt for sp2. You name it I got it. Still got one truck to shop for before im ready for the summer.

[Image: 1140971563_bill.jpg]
this summer better be fun. Still got the hellfire to hop up so thats gonna be fun.
are you nuts? i have about that much in my whole revo including the truck itself! thats one reason why i went from running 3 r/cs to 1

Hobbytown in St Charles has Hellfire parts in stock now we just got them in last week.:racing:
thats like an hour and a half drive for me almost. little bit far just to pick up parts.
Spend $1400 and I bet HT will ship them, too! And kiss you on the lips next time you come in there! Pay for it all on Monday or Weds and get 10% off!
What else is on that list to = $1400?
shit i spend that much on tires for a big
you do...or Proline does?
I dont get anythign for free man....
Czech-it-Out Graphics Wrote:I dont get anythign for free man....

Then why are they calling themselves a sponsor?
cuz i get 50% off on the list price, so its like a dealer price what i get, its nice, but it could be better lol
I see
huh......i thought sponsonrs gave there drivers stuff......but i guess im wrong
can we get a list of everything u got? thats like more than my life costs...i dont think i could sell my soul for that much...
You're off you rocker... no wonder you complain about having no life outside of RC and your computer...
how are you paying for it all
dirtdawg3 Wrote:michowshi

Hobbytown in St Charles has Hellfire parts in stock now we just got them in last week.:racing:

Nope i bought them already on thrusday!!!!! LOL ( for ryan!)
Ryan, thats is alot but i prolly spend that over a couple months.. You just did iy all at once like a pro!
Dude you can buy a bunch of strippers and hookers for that much money. Party with some hunny's.
I dont have to pay for it! LOL!!!!!!
ryan what else is on the list
Dave thought i was in the yack thread... I moved that comment..

Ryan you must work at the highest paying jewel on the planet bro!
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