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Hi all, I was told about this site today, at the end of school while at Glenbard East, so I registered, and hope to drive with some of you other people from the Lombard area soon.

P.S. I don't know the name of the person that told me, so if you are him, post here, and let me know. I was the one with Keith.
Dan S...? Tall frosty haired Senior drives a VW GTi?
Hello MikeC and welcome to the clubSmile what Rc's do you have.
I have a stock T-maxx, just bought it like January 7th or so.

I have never met him before, but he was tall, and had like brown and blondish hair I think, don't know what he drives. He also said he just did a big block on his revo.
Thats him, his handle is Freeridejunkee or junkie
Or he answers to him that around school !
Welcome to the boards!
DAVEC-NITRO-RS4 Wrote:Or he answers to him that around school !
your wrong Dave :p:
Welcome to the Forum Mike. Make sure that when you see Dan, ask him about the Hooters get together. That's when the name "Frosty" was added.
welcome to the forums!
maxximum_44 Wrote:your wrong Dave :p:

Maxx, you're right, he won't answer......
welcome aboard
Welcome to the boards. Many good people here.
Welcome to the boards
DAVEC-NITRO-RS4 Wrote:Dan S...? Tall frosty haired Senior drives a VW GTi?

You a dead man. :bustingup Can you ever just behave?? LoL... hey how about this. Lets race. Hehehe And welcome man... that was me.
Welcome to the board!!
Welcome to the boards! Hey Chris, let the hazing begin. j/k man
lol..frosty..still sounds funny.....and welsome to the boards
Welcome Mike!
Another thing... I don't know if you are driving/have a car or not. If you ever need a ride to a bash or race taht I am going to hit me up on here...
awesome thanks, I think I have speech with you, do you have speech 5/6 with kmiec or however you spell that name? If so I sit across the room in one of the 4th desks.
Ummm... no. 4th 5/6 I have study hall or lunch... depending if I stay out from 4th or not... Other than that pretty much all AP classes...