Full Version: Who posts the most per day?
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Moderators, find this stat.....
Free ride... He never shuts up! LOL!
I'm doing better. LoL It is only real bad late at night, weekends, and when I stay home from school. Never mind that can be summed up as always. :-) What can I say... I'm social. Plus when I piss you and ryan off the post fly pretty quick... :-)
just curious.................

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I think 19.13 posts per day takes the cake
Revo. By Traxxas.
Yeah... Thats not workin...
ok, stay slow, loser.


bed time already?!?!?1 Take some geritol!
haha lol :bustingup
damn i only got 9 a day and i thought i talked too much
4.81, wow, Im a noob
No, thats the normal range
rocco79 Wrote:bed time already?!?!?1 Take some geritol!

Now my feelings are hurt..... Sad

Geritol, good one.
I think I average like 8 or so
tex you average 6.78 per day
I average 3.67 per day
3.34 per day over here.
4.62 so far here
3.08 for me.
i have no clue what i do or were to check
you have 3.42

you go to "view public profile"
scroll down and youll see how many post you have all together and right next to it is your average post per day in parentheses