Full Version: And Today's Damage Report Is...
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As some of you know I got the THS pipe a few days ago, I was out driving today and I can't keep the wheels on the ground. I shredded down 4 body posts (does anyone know if you can just buy the RPM body posts by them selves?) On the rear bumper I shredded that bottom rail about 3/4 down. (Stock T-Maxx Bumper) And I snapped for screws in the bulks and chassis. So tomorrow I'm going to LH and go back to the stock bulks. I would have pics up, I can't get the digital camera to upload. I got the screws out of the bulks anyone want them? They are Integy rears. 10 picked up or 13 shipped.
dude how did you snap four screws in the bulks?
not sure, i think its probally from hitting a wheelie trying to go up a curb slow but it just has so much power now, the rear end pops up when the front hit the curb and think they are just snapping then.
nice going....j/k
go to ace and buy stronger screws.
yeah, I dunno what I'm going to do I think im going to get a pair of stockers and then see if they break if they do, Ill just get better screws
well just got back in from running again, and everything went good, screwed up the body mounts a little more, put a scratch in the new manifold, and put a big nik in my new powerstrokes. Just got done breaking it down and i noticed i already ripped a gasket on the new pipe.
ohhhhhhhhh ouch!

all I can say about the manifold is
yeah, o well, at least its not dented, just a little scrape.
Bashing is an expression. You don't really need to BASH the thing everytime you run it.....
Dang---do you drive like that in real life---LOL
Biodragen Wrote:Dang---do you drive like that in real life---LOL

me? No car yet, 6 months till the permit though :joy:
And here is where the truck stands as of right now.

[Image: CIMG0323.jpg]

[Image: CIMG0322.jpg]