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I think I blew my motor... will be back with more updates later... (It wasn't the OWB) Sad
oh snap...that would suck! get an update on it...sounds like NO fun.
hey frosty hows it goin! LOL
Damn frosty that sucks!!!! Let us know so I can laugh at you cause the omega still runs!!!! hahahaha
That sucks Dan, Hopefully it was something easy. What was it doing? Could it be a clutch problem?
Your revo just got scared that my truck is working now. :p:
see a revo isnt whats its cracked up to be...
I won't be at the race... I think this about sums it up...

[Image: boom.jpg]
nice 1..wanna buy a 2.5 from me..i got my stock 2.5 from my maxx laying around..
why not..ill sell it cheap
I don't know... how much fuel through it?? I have seen you run your stuff... granted it needs to be in better shape than mine. I may just get a new XTM. I dunno... how much??
do u leave the fuel in ur motor when ur done, without running it dry, ur con rod is all discolored like its been sitting in fuel
No... that was just from today. I run it dry... (Part of it is the glare too...)
oh ok how many gallons on it
I've never seen a conrod look like that before
Czech-it-Out Graphics Wrote:oh ok how many gallons on it

Less than 2... no water ever hit the motor, only hit 300* once. Was then shut down and retuned. Ran consistantly and strong at 220-255. Good ol' traxxas...
RobH Wrote:I've never seen a conrod look like that before

It is mostly that glare... it is a little oily but that is it. Just from fuel sitting in it after it blowing up today...
dude, that really blows!!! Atleast you had some fun?
squirrel Wrote:dude, that really blows!!! Atleast you had some fun?

Yes... I really enjoyed blowing $20 on a motor mount...

overall it was a good night though. (you evil bastages) at least our waitress had the nicest a$$... Big Grin
yes, yes she did!!!!
and tommy I like that radio... how much can I steal it for?? what..?? free?? You're awesome... I'll even give you an MX-3 tx since you were so nice...
LOL now thats funny!! Find out how much they are on fleabay and make me an offer. I'll let it go for you! even though it's my bros! hehe
well the ones with just radio and reciever and one chip set used are at about $10. There is a new one with the bidding at 20, and one at 29, there is a used one with a servo for 18... so they are in my price range. LoL

but I need a motor first...
Just hold on to that one till you get a new radio. My bro's 4-tec won't be running till summer anyways.
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