Full Version: dont you people have jobs!!!
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834 posts since yesterday!! man!! normaly its 200-275. you people talk to much :bustingup
i was sick today
my job is at night lol. And i was off yesterday
I was at work and missed it all, otherwise you would have over a 1000 posts to read!
i fired for hurting my back...
I am an independant (spirit).
I am a part time drug dealer now... No. I'm J/K... I was home sick as well...
work what's that????
i sit in front of a computer all day its part of my job lol
firesprink281 Wrote:834 posts since yesterday!! man!! normaly its 200-275. you people talk to much :bustingup

Almost 300 of those posts were between 9:00pm and 11:30pm last night, in one thread alone... Walk away for 5 minutes, and you ended up 2 pages behind.
I work on a computer all day, and it gets quite boring!!!! :blah:
I'm on all day at work also..... bored
bored at work? There should be no such phrase like that. Why not bring your truck in and work on it? Might as well lol.
Maytag repairman???
What do you mean---this is a job in itself---LOL
And they will never replace me with a machine until someone builds a machine that does absolutely nothing.
I sit at a computer all day because I am a production artist (professional photoshop user really, 90% of my work is photoshop), and I control all the computers.
I can't sit around like captain obvious, I have to act busy.

And please don't take me as a lazy person, there really is NOTHING to do here. I've already cleaned everything! That was the last thing that could have possibly been done (and we have a cleaning service but I cleaned anyway)
Man, I need one of those cushy desk jobs in front of a pc like you guys!

My work makes me bust my ass because we have quotas to meet Sad.
Oh trust me, when its time to work here it can get pretty bad. My deadlines can be insane. My average day is no less than 10 hours in the studio. I have had multiple 18 hour days. There is nothing cushy, hell my chair isnt that comfortable.
it can get hectic here too but not all that often (maybe one 15 hr day a month bustin' ass??)

Personally I like jobs that keep me busy and allow me to utilize my skills. I don't like sitting around wasting time.
I sell crack so the days are slow....
yeah no one wants ur ass crack
Pimpin' ain't easy...
obsessive, I just caught your new avatar. Hilarious!!!
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