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Happy Birthday, Elvis, where ever you are, King!
LOL! Happy Birthday Elvis!!
So who is Elvis? :o: :bustingup
Speaking of unknown, I bought my son a "School House Rock" DVD because those songs helped me so much with my times tables. When it came in my co-worker who is in her 20's had no idea what School House Rock was Smile
I'm 28 and I have not idea what school house rock
lol i actually know who elvis is, and i know what shool house rock is? man do i need a life!
I know who Elvis and "jailhouse rock" is but not schoolhouse.... If you are 5yrs old and don't know who elvis is you must live under a rock.
I remember the day Elvis died. I remember thinking, big deal.

Now when John Bonham (sp?) from Led Zepplin died, that was a big deal Smile
We used to watch schoolhouse rock when I was in grade school. lmao
if i saw schoolhouse rock I'd prolly remember it. I sure do remember Fragal Rock
I am reporting you all to the Moderators!! This blatent show of disrespect for the Birthday of The King must stop right now.

Get this thread back on topic. Either wish Happy Birthday to the greatest musical talent that walked the planet or keep your fingers off the keys.
Tex, I'm sure you watched saturday morning cartoons as a kid? Schoolhouse rock where those little animated infomercials inbetween cartoon shows about how a Bill is made into law and how electricity was discovered. " Im just a bill on cap-i-tol hill".

Oh yeah and happy birthday elvis.

K-You know Elvis is dead, No he's not he just went home- MIB
PopRC, good Elvis reference! Uh-huh!
Tex Wrote:if i saw schoolhouse rock I'd prolly remember it. I sure do remember Fragal Rock

LOL!!!! Fragal rock!!! I liked those little guys who where constantley building stuff!
I don't consider Elvis the greatest musical talent to walk the planet.
Me either, although I do consider him a legend along with other greats (for instance Bob Marley)
I wouldnt of passed my Constitution test iif it wasnt for School House Rock. i know the whole preamble from heart because they turned it into a catchy song lol
I remember we had to recite our times tables to the teacher and we would get a star for each numeral we passed. I'd remember those songs from School House Rock, it helped so much.
Elvis Posts Only People Or I Will Lock This Thread.
Yeahh ok, Like you've never gone off topic in a thread dave. Take it easy. Besides, what do u want a bunch of twenty somthing guys to say about a guy thats been dead like 30 years????
Ok, nobody got it that I was posting this as a joke. Where has the sense of humor gone around here????

Sure I respect Elvis and all he accomplished. But I don't have a shrine, a white jumpsuit (although he and I are about the same size) or a yearly pilgrimage to Graceland. Hell, I don't even own an Elvis album/CD.

I just thought there might be some fans out there, but this group is too young I suppose.

Say, just when is Axle Rose's birthday?

Elvis has left the building.
Is he still alive??
Dave i couldnt tell your sarcasm, Sorry fo any misunderstanding.

BTW... Whos axel rose??!?!?! LOL!!! Now that guys a chump!
Yeah, but I wish he was more like Kurt Cobain.
Roc, as we have discussed in the past, everything I write will either be smart-ass or dumb-ass. It is up to the reader to decide for himself which one as he reads it.
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