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So I made a new years resolutions to quit smoking. The very last cigarette I had was monday night (finishing off the pack I had in my pocket). I must say after smoking regularly for the last 11 years, it's much harder than I thought. I craving is freaking killing me and is putting me in a bad mood Sad. To add to that, I think I had some bad food to. Tuesday, my stomach was bothering me like crazy, and yesterday I was throwing up all night long Sad. Today I called in sick and I've been laying in bed all day so far.

Any other ex smokers here? How hard was it for you?

Sorry for the rant, just needed to get it off my chest. Feel much better now. Smile
glad your resolution was for something good! Just hold on you can do it! The longest i quit for was 3 months and the first month was the hardest, after that you'll be fine.
I quit for 8 months one time and fell right back into it. Gotta be the hardest thing I've ever tried. The craving's went away alittle after the 3rd day, but damn everytime I'd get agravated, it was teh only thing that came to mind.

Good Luck John, I'm setting Monday as my date to kick the habit. Been smoking for way too long and need to get my stuff together. Dont need to be 6 feet under any time soon.
It's good to hear, that I'm not the only one trying to quit the habbit. It's super tough, when 75% of the poeple you know smoke.

At work, the guy I go on smoke break with is going to try quiting too. We're watching each other's backs so neither slips up. At the home front, my brother has been trying to quit for some time. He would always bum one off me though every now and then.

For me it's not so much the health reasons. It's financial. I find it increasingly stupid to waste $5 a day on something that does me absolutely no good.
I have been a Smoker for 18 years, I started at 14. I have tried many times to quit, once for 7 months (my longest). Quiting is for some ridiculously hard. I want to quit, but I can smoke at work, the perk of being an artist, normal corporate rules do not apply! So I have a terrible time. I am thinking of trying acupuncture, they say the results are almost immediate and amazing. I wish you luck and hope you stay off the wagon, just keep in mind that cigarette companies are allowing you to kill yourself, and if you have kids you are doing it for them, so you are there to see them have kids. All the luck to you my friend.
When i buy my house i'm going to quit. Can't see spending that much money on something and the stinkin it up with smoke. I figure it should be about a year until my bro and his gf get off their azzes and get their part of the down payment so i got a little while.

BTW, if you have someone who is quiting with you it makes it 1000 x's better because you got someone to share the misery with and to hold you up!
I gave up cigars almost 18 months ago. Now I'm addicted to Mcdonalds double cheeseburgers. Damn 99cent Menu !!!!
DAVEC-NITRO-RS4 Wrote:I gave up cigars almost 18 months ago. Now I'm addicted to Mcdonalds double cheeseburgers. Damn 99cent Menu !!!!

Yeah u can tell.....I don't smell like cigars.....wait a minute !!! I see what you're getting at!
Skinny buggy punk! Mcd's is evil. I even met MX Kevin there for a sale last night. They have me brainwashed. Every time I give someone directions, it's like, "go three lights past McDonalds, turn left...."

Btw I have a great "Quitting smoking " joke but can't post it. Remind me to tell it next time I see y'all.
DAVEC-NITRO-RS4 Wrote:Btw I have a great "Quitting smoking " joke but can't post it. Remind me to tell it next time I see y'all.

You can PM it! Curious minds want to know Smile.
I can smoke at work too and it makes it that much harder. I am really gonna try to make this time work.

I told myself years ago, when cigs cost 3.00 bucks a pack, I'm done.
For the little time that I did quit, I did notice that I had much more money for other things. I felt better, more energy, didnt get winded as much and everything tasted better after the first month. But I did gain weight....Couldnt stop eating...always snacking...always.

I'll make sure you dont slip up at the track and have a cig John. =P
You can PM me that joke too !!! I'd love to hear it.
I'll do the same for you! Just keep me outa the smoking room and I'll be all good, I hope.

For me, rc and smoking seem to come hand in hand. It will be the hardest test for me.
Mr. Tune Wrote:You can PM it! Curious minds want to know Smile.

John, pass it on to Rich....

also, you think RC costs money??? Add up all those cigarettes and you'll really feel like crap.
Put me next on the list for the joke! That was the hardest having to go into work and not smoking! I work where everyone smokes. There are 2 employees that don't smoke outta 25. Plus all of the customers! good luck to the both of you!
DAVEC-NITRO-RS4 Wrote:Add up all those cigarettes and you'll really feel like crap.

I did! That's my #1 reason to quit smoking. To the tune of ~$1500 per year at my current rate of smoking. That's like a 1 week vacation somewhere! Or a really good 3 day weekend in vegas!
.....Or you could buy a glow plug everyday =P
Send me the joke too please! I spend at least $2000.00 on smokes a year!
snakebite46 Wrote:.....Or you could buy a glow plug everyday =P


Also, you will be saving some gas money too not having to drive to the gas station or where ever you buy them from.
Ok... I definitely want to hear the joke as well...

And Tune... good luck. Even though it may suck now you are saving a lot more suffering down the line. Mad props...
i wanna hear this joke too... .i tryed quiting once made it like 2 weeks then i went to a pool hall that was full of smokers and couldnt take it no i still smoke...
Both my parents smoke, grew up around it my whole life. Never once have ever had the urge to even try. Guess im lucky.

Now if i could kick this fast food addiction.... LOL!
yea that fast food thing might be worse than smoking...we all know that stuff isnt that good for you eathier...
Good luck Tune, Rich you too!!

I don't know but it must be a hard fight to quit. My wife did 2 years ago, but she was a light smoker, she tried the patch thing, she said it made her have real goofy dreams. So she just quit. But I assume it was easy for her, because she was a light smoker, if there is such a thing.

So good luck, your lungs thanks you!!!
i got dibs on the joke just pm it whoever feels like it. i dont smoke but i kno many ppl that do (i dont as i am 15) and i dont really plan to so YAY ME! i guess....but ya if u kick the habit u get to live longer and living is good so....kick it in the buttocks!
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