Full Version: The stranges Vette I've ever seen (ebay)
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Presenting the absolute strangeest vette I've ever seen come across ebay. I've seen solid axle 80's drag race vettes, 4x4 vettes, Testarossa body kit vettes.. but this is just... ugggh.. I dunno what to say.

Here it is the Corvette Caballista...

I saw those on that tv show with the guy with the huge curley mustache... V-6 i gotta ask, how the hell do you find these goofy cars on ebay?!?!??!
rocco79 Wrote:how the hell do you find these goofy cars on ebay?!?!??!
hot damn. thats like a gangsta corvette right there....looks pretty nice.
sometimes other boards sometimes I just search for certain cars or engines or parts and find them.. I found this posted on a actually.
:puke: even more disturbing is it has 16 bids on it.
that is the uglyest vette ive ever seen.
what a waste of a good car.
Looks like an 80's style Monte Carlo, and after that became the few years where the Vette had terrible engines, 80-85.
I totally agree!

Traxxas26 Wrote:what a waste of a good car.