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My final exam project for graphic design is to redesign a book cover. This will be all done in school. What are some suggestions? Im thinking To kill a Mockingbird, with a smoking shotgun and a dead bird, but I doubt that will go over well. LOL, what are some other good ideas you have?
Any book?
Pretty much.
War and Peace.
Nope... Definitely Angels and Demons. Think of all of the possibilities there...
to kill a mocking bird was the worst book i ever read

so that means it has to compete with one other
First thing once you decide on the book, you must read it! First principle of design is know your material. I would suggest Truman Capotes "In Cold Blood", Albert Camus " The Stranger", "The Fall", "The Plague". Kurt Vonnegut "Breakfast of Champions". I cant think of any others right now, all great Books.
Davinci Code (sp?)
JAWS but with a pic f when the chief is on the boat chumming the water the the shark just shows up out of the water.
Is Jaws a book also? Or was it only a movie?
Tex Wrote:Davinci Code (sp?)

By the same author as Angels and Demons. I have not read davinchi's code yet and I am almost done with angels and demons. It is by far my favorite book of all time. I highly reccomended reading it. Cmon... I loved it so much I put the davinchi code on my christmas list. What teenager puts a book on their christmas list???
try MISERY. i beleve from steven king. the movie wasn't to far off from the book,except the end. plus it was a short, quick,good, weekend read.
t to the maxx2 Wrote:Is Jaws a book also? Or was it only a movie?
Nope it was originally a book by Peter Benchly (sorry one of my favorite books and movies). I think we gonna need a bigger boat!! :bustingup
Chief, put out the fire.
Ok today was the first day back in class, and I was the only one who brought in a book, LOL.
I brought in Catcher in the Rye, but now im thinking thats a bad idea, so Im going to do it on something else. I will post a pic when I am done, its due the 19th
[Image: far.jpg]
It's good, but is it your best effort? I think you can do better.
ALright, I like that encouragement! I am going to try again right now.
Also, for the main picture on the front, I am thinking of taking a cheap book and burning it and taking a picture of that, becuase the whole part of this project is no using google for pics, everything has to be original hand made stuff.
Brb, starting overSmile
edit: I've lost my mind.
[Image: 4514xl.jpg]
I think the background needs something. The lettering just doesn't look clean here. The letters should be crisp and then flow into the fire. I dunno... I think it is almost to basic and you are trying to make it look difficult. Just my opinion...
I think it looks HOT!
I still think you can do're not working to your full you feel this is your best effort?
DAVEC-NITRO-RS4 Wrote:I still think you can do're not working to your full you feel this is your best effort?

you sound like my math teacher Smile
someones catching on......
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