Full Version: So whats the fastest you've been in a car?
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Well, its winter...I'm i'm curious. Whats the fastest you've been in a car? I know top speed isnt the ultimate measure of performance being a 1/4 junky myself.....but there is always that 3rd grade mentality that says.....whats it go? I currently have and obsession with anything that does 200mph. Silverstate classic cars are just sick, I read an article in Hot Rod about "Big Red". A 1st gen camaro with a cackling big block that schooled all the exotics I believe averaging over 200mph...I borrowed the mag to a know how that goes. So anyways, best I have been is pretty much around 140mph. In Mr tunes fox body, Roccos 01 Cobra, and Jacks mk3 supra. I think i might have hit around that on my zx9 on 83 but i have no idea cause i was busy trying not to get ripped off the bike like a sally. Again thats indicated on the speedo so who knows how much its off but its still cool.
lol once we hit 95 in our minivan (it has been totaled since then---no relation to the top speed run lol)
1973 455SD Firebird with 4sp manual - had it going 145 and it was still pulling when I ran out of road and had to brake.

Since you mentioned bikes - my old 1981 Kaw LTD1000 - on I-57 had it over 140 once. The wind blew off both side covers and I had to go back and find them on the road. I think I went faster on my 1982 Kaw GPz1100, but the speedo only went to 85mph (remember those days?).

Good times, good times.....Big Grin
Every car I have owned over the years have been tested by me to see how fast I can get going. Bieng that a stock speedometer is just acturicate(sp?). Well in my 88 Ford Tempo I got the badboy up to 80mph, my 94 Pontiac Sunbird was 110mph, my moms 98 Pontiac Grand AM GT 115 mph, my 2000 Mitsubishi Elecipse GT would be 137 mph (and the rev limited cut the engine). The fastest I have got the Explorewas 100mph on the way to O'hare a couple of weeks ago. I have obtained these speeds on I88 toward Dekalb, since there are some nice stretches of open road and limited police presence.

But the truly fasted I have been in a car was 165 mph, at the Richard Petty Driving Experince at Michigan International Speedway a few years back.
in my buddys supra we were doing over 200 no more room for the speedo to move ...also in my moms 02' taurs the rev limiter will hit at blazer did a easy 110mph from elmhurst to auroura on I-88 the whole trip and still ran strong..
I was in a Subaru WRX and went 110mph. That kid (21) goes like 130 and 145 as an average speed on highways.
bigd, you missed the night I hit 150 with the cobra. Scary.

I've also hit 145ish on my 600 when I had it, and it was still climbing when I let off the throttle. Even more scary.
143mph in a '83 280Z turbo racing a probe GT on Mo-Pac Xpressway in Austin, TX
I had my own '72 Camaro SS/RS at 125'ish on the Indianapolis Speedway track !!! Really I did. I have pictures.
155mph on I-88 in my cobra
As far as mu current car, 125mph in my Jetta going down a big hill!
I was passenger in a customer's Porsche 911 Turbo going pretty damn fast. I don't know how fast because I was more concerned about looking out in front of us for slower trafffic, but it was flying. Maybe 150 I'd guess. Badass car but for $120k it should be.

I did drive a Viper at about 170 until my son took the controller away from me Rolleyes
i was going 170mph smooth in an audi s4 on the autobahn. seemed like i was going 90 and ive seen uper scale porches and lambos and ferrari's that where going so fast i could only imagine how fast they where going.
145 in my Cobra racing against a Vette on 294 North
95 in Tahoe.
145 in roc's cobra. 125 on the back of my brothers cbr-600 when i was 13. 99 in my silverado
I thought we went faster on the shoulder than that? LOL!!!
damm guys... be careful...

126 in my turbo civic.... i was all set one night to hit 140, i was being all careful, keeping it to about 3 pounds of boost as i was passing 120... it was climing good and all of a sudden it cut out, like the ignition shut off.... no one EVER said there was a Speed limiter on it, scared the hell outta me as i thought i killed the engine.
I got up to about 135 in my camaro it still was climbing but i didnt want to push it.
i think in my dads 83 z28 we it about 140
i cant even drive yet but my uncle is a cop in college station texas and i got him to take me out and really late at night on the highway out there he we like wanna see summin cool....and just clicked onj the lights and man did that thing fly!!! the best part is technically it was totally legal....i think we got round like 140ish
[QUOTE=slim]damm guys... be careful...


Those day are over for me brotha! Not worth losing my licenecnse
ha ya i havent gotten mine so....btw thats the same uncle that cuffed me in the back of a mini-van on the way to dinner for making a joke about donuts and coffee....FYI! dont make jokes about dippin donuts in coffee cops might be strong but they are sensitive when it comes to their habits...
Fastest... 142 in my VW GTI. I had a trial performance chip on it and wanted to see what it could do. (It is normally governed at 130) At 142 it was still pulling like crazy. Scared the S*** out of my buddy when he was doing 110 and I went flyin by him.
Ive had sooo many cars between my wife and I (about 20) in the last 13 years that we have been driving, that I dont quite remember how fast each of them were, but I did find out how fast each one was at one point Big Grin

The ones I remember good...
My first car...
83' Mustang GT - speedo only went to 85@ the 3 O'clock posistion, but would peg the trip reset at the 6 O'clock spot Smile

85' 5.0 T-bird - 120ish mph
89' Firbird Formula 350 - 135mph
92' Mustang LX 5.0 - 130mph
93' Mustang Cobra - 140mph
00' Dodge Dakota R/T (very modded) - 135mph
03' Jeep GC Overland 4.7H.O. limited to 115 - 120mph
04' Dodge Durango 5.7 Hemi limited to 115 - 120 range

Our current cars...
96' Dodge Neon (lots of mods, all engine) - pegged the 120mph speedo
06' Jeep Comander 5.7 Hemi.... about 95, not sure of top speed yet lol

And the fastest Ive ever gone in a car.....was in my,
04' SRT-4 (very modded) as it passed the 150mph mark on the speedo, I ran out of road and had to back was still pulling very hard, the speedo only goes to 160 and I dont think it would have had a problem hitting that Big Grin
got turbo
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