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Which 4wd Platforms Make Sense Today? - 01-15-2018, 09:57 AM

When I started RC in 1992, I got a Schumacher Cougar 2. Someone on a newsgroup (rec.models.rc back then) had one, so I got one. Many months later, someone let me try their RC10, and I thought it was so much better that I switched over and had a good time thereafter. Until I quit rc in 1994.

Now I am back in. I have some preferences that I want to stick with -- LiPo (or better), brushless, electric, off-road, and probably 1/10th scale. Just to get the ball rolling, I bought a used xxx4 off eBay and have been running that for a couple months every other week or so. I am still quite rusty, but I notice that many people have very little good to say about the xxx4, and I have found that my setup (pretty much stock setup) will allow the car to land on the face of a jump and kick its butt up over the top and land on its roof unless I apply power on landing to let the front wheels pull it out of its sommersault. So I am debating should I learn more about the set-up and stick with this car to get it competitive at a local level. Or is it really all in vain because the BJ4, xx4, x5 are all vastly superior. I wasn't racing during the times when the xx4 or the xxx4 was popular, so I don't know how well they perform or how much different is a BJ4. I have read every forum I can find, and the xxx4 is generally in a negative light. Will I be 1) robbing myself of a better experience by sticking with the xxx4, or 2) will I be giving up to early by not learning its inner secrets of setup and driving style? So I am not really asking so much which platform is b
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